First steps: time to make some choices


When thinking about how to change your teaching practice in any way, the best thing you can do is to focus on what you already do well, and seek to get even better at it. Research shows (Wiliam, 2013) that picking up merely on the things that are not working doesn’t help the overall impact on learning, and sometimes that the side effect – demoralisation, finding it too tough to change – has a negative impact.

In our work, there are two key areas we want you to innovate in:

1. Your pedagogy.

2. Design Thinking for learning.

Every 5-6 weeks, you should

  1. reconsider the area you want to develop your skills in, in both pedagogy and design thinking,
  2. work out how you currently perform in any given task, or how students respond to it, and note this down in your learning log or Google+ community,
  3. work out exactly what you’re going to do to change your practice,
  4. go for it!

Over the forthcoming posts, I’ll try to remind you of some of the key areas that we explored together, so that you can make those choices, and begin making a small change in each category.

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