Design Thinking(s) – what aspect of the process do you want to build on?

ElevInvents Images for Posts.013Having decided on a pedagogical angle that you want to develop, now is the time to choose a specific element of design thinking that you want to develop. It tends to be too much, and counterproductive, to attempt an entire “design thinking unit” or project. More is to be gained from picking one of immersion, synthesis, ideation and/or prototyping as a concentration, and you should consider how the pedagogical angle you’ve chosen to develop might compliment work on a specific set of design thinking dispositions.

This also reminds us that the process is not linear and fixed in this order of its composite parts – it flexes, and can be approached in any order. So, if you’ve chosen to concentrate on questioning, then immersion or synthesis are strong areas to compliment that – but only pick one. If you’re exploring feedback, then developing a prototyping culture is more likely to fit well.

What area are you going to develop first? Tell us on the Google+ Community.

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